Corrosion, causes and prevention. Magnetic filters

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We have been servicing and repairing Airsource Heatpumps for 11 years now, we are in fact one of the original installation and servicing companies in East Anglia.  We are well versed in answering questions on the importance of certain fundamentally important issues with heat pumps… 

What is a Magnetic filter?

Magnetic filters treat corrosion, simply put a magnetic filters a little devices that keep your heating system clean long term.  Whether you have a traditional fossil fuelled boiler or heat pump, essentially the magnetic filter is designed to do the same thing – the filter should be fitted onto the pipe that returns water back to the boiler or heat pump.  As water passes through the device, a large magnet attracts any rust out of the water onto the magnet so that only clean water is passed back to the boiler.  We clean this filter as part of an annual service.

What causes corrosion?

Corrosion has been an issue since ‘sealed’ heating systems become popular.  It is caused largely by air getting into the central heating water when pressure is topped up or by remedial work being carried out.  ‘Sludge’ or ‘grit’ are two terms commonly used to describe corrosion.  The effects are slightly different.  Sludge is often felt in radiators where there are cold spots in the radiators, heavy sludge would need power flushing out.  Grit tends to affect the pumps or heat exchanger in a boiler or heat pump.  

Consequence of not installing a magnetic filter?

If the system is heavily affected by sludge or grit components can need replacing.  Dirty radiators can not circulate heat effectively and will make the heat pump work harder to heat the home, costing more in energy bills.  A clean system will lower heating bills and reduce maintenance costs.

Why does my system have no Magnetic filter?

It’s hard to say other than the likelihood is your original installer was trying to cut costs and/or not had any real desire in maintaining your heating system once installed.

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