Solar PV systems convert sunlight directly into electricity, which can be used for a wide range of applications, from powering homes and businesses to charging electric vehicles.

When presented with a broken Solar Thermal System, Howard Jacques found himself wanting to make the switch to Solar PV. With our help, we replaced his old system with a brand-new Solar PV system. But how has installing a Solar PV helped Howard save on his energy costs and generate electricity for his property?

The Challenge

In 2023, Howard’s Solar thermal system stopped working. After discovering that the original installation company had closed down, he enquired in his local area, but no one would come out to assess the installation. Just as Howard was losing hope, Energie Solutions replied to his enquiry and offered to help with no hesitation. After several visits to the property, it was concluded that the installation was beyond repair. Howard was already considering Solar PV and the broken Solar thermal system made his decision to go fully electric final.

The Solution

Co-founder and Managing Director, Claudette Day performed a full survey and recommended a 4KW panel system with a 9KW battery. Howard commented: “I had no hesitation in going ahead with Claudette’s recommendations. The cost was a lot more reasonable than I was expecting.”

After the scaffolding was constructed, two days later, Nigel, Owen, and Dan arrived to install the new Solar PV system. When asked about the installation, Howard stated: “It was all completed in a day and an excellent job was done, really tidy work and they left the site very clean at the end.”

Solar panels installed on roof

 Solar Panels installed on Howard Jacques’ property.

As with any electrical item, unknown issues can arise. Within a few weeks, the unit’s battery stopped charging. Once Howard had advised us of this, we were quick to resolve the issue and arranged for a battery replacement. When asked about our customer service during this unforeseen circumstance, Howard said: “Great customer service throughout. I was kept fully up to date with the whole process from start to finish by the office team and I was pleased with the friendliness of their interactions. I wish all customer services were the same.”

Solar PV unit installed on the side of Howard Jacques’ property.

The Results

One of the main benefits to Solar PV is reduced energy costs. Due to Solar PV generating electricity directly from sunlight, you produce your own power instead of buying it from a utility company. Howard moved to Octopus Energy in March 2024. Since the move and the reduced energy needed because of the solar panels, Howard’s bill has reduced from £69.80 a month for 443KW to £56.96 a month for 223KW.

Commenting on the energy costs, Howard shared: “We should have our purchase costs back within six years where other companies estimate about 10 years. I am amazed at how much energy these panels are producing, even on an overcast day. It may not be bright enough everyday to fully charge the battery, but we produce enough electricity all day for our use.”

How can Energie Solutions help?

As one of the longest-operating renewable energy companies in East Anglia, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you on your renewable energy journey. When asked about our customer service, Howard commented: “I am so pleased that a year ago I made a call to Energie Solutions and met Claudette and her team. I could not recommend them enough.”

To find out more about our Solar PV installations and to receive a quote, visit our website, or get in touch with our friendly team by emailing

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