In recent years Solar PV has become a popular energy alternative for houses and buildings worldwide. Solar PV is a clean and renewable way to generate electricity, harnessing the sun to provide sustainable energy solutions. With proper servicing and maintenance, your Solar PV system should last up to 30 years.

Long-standing customer, Laurence Lee whose Air Source Heat Pump we have serviced for the past seven years, contacted us regarding the installation of a Solar PV system. Laurence was considering the installation of a Solar PV system in a bid to reduce their soaring energy costs due to the current climate.

The Challenge

Before our offering of Solar PV, Laurence received a quote through a
Community Solar PV Buying Scheme. Laurence contacted us looking for our trustworthy and professional opinion on the price after feeling uneasy about the quote he had received from the community scheme.

The Solution

After looking further into the quote, we concluded that he wasn’t being charged fairly, the company were, in our opinion making some over inflated promises. After consulting with Laurence about the unfair proposal, we visited the property and proposed a more appropriate quote, which he accepted.

The Installation

The domestic installation consisted of the installation of a Solar PV unit on top of slate roofing. Commenting on the installation, Laurence said: “We are very satisfied with the installation, we have always found Energie Solutions to be very reliable and professional. They gave us a price and a date which suited us and installed the system exactly as we required”.

Laurence Lee’s Solar Panels on top of a private slate roofed building

The Results

Solar panels generate electricity directly from sunlight, allowing you to produce your own power rather than buying it from the utility company. This means that Solar PV systems can drastically reduce your electricity bills.

After the installation of his Solar PV, Laurence has estimated that they are saving approximately £100 a month. Laurence stated, “Energie Solutions have installed a system that meets our needs in terms of savings of energy, aesthetics and efficiency”.

The installation has made Laurence and his family more aware of when to use household appliances and has helped them finalise their decision to purchase an electric vehicle, which he charges using the Solar PV.

Environmental and Social Impact

Solar PV systems generate electricity without emitting carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases, significantly reducing your carbon footprint compared to fossil-fuel-based energy sources.

Solar PV systems demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices, encouraging others in the community to adapt renewable energy solutions. Installing Solar PV on schools or community centres can serve as an educational tool, raising awareness and an understanding of renewable energy and the benefits they have for the environment.

When asked about the environmental benefit Solar PV creates, Laurence commented: “We feel, in a very small way, that we are playing our part in reducing emissions.”

How can Energie Solutions help?

As one of the longest-operating renewable energy companies in East Anglia, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you on your renewable energy journey. When asked about our customer service, Laurence Lee commented: “Everybody at Energie Solutions, that we have spoken to, have been efficient and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone installing Solar PV”.

To find out more about our Solar PV installations and to receive a quote, visit our website, or get in touch with our friendly team by emailing

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