Flow Meters, their importance and why we recommend them

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We have been servicing and repairing Airsource Heatpumps for 11 years now, we are in fact one of the original installation and servicing companies in East Anglia.  We are well versed in answering questions on the importance of certain fundamentally important issues with heat pumps… 

Importance of flow meters?

Flow meters play a significant role in central heating systems including gas, oil and heat pump systems.  They provide essential information that contributes to the efficiency, control, and overall performance of the system. Here are several reasons why flow meters are important in central heating systems:

1. Trouble shooting and maintenance

Flow meters provide valuable diagnostic information. Sudden changes in flow rates may indicate issues such as airlocks, blockages, or pump malfunctions.

2. Preventing pump cavitation

Insufficient flow rates can lead to issues with pumps causing damage and reducing pump efficiency or complete failure 

3. Optimal system operation

Flow meters help ensure that the right amount of hot water is circulating though the central heating system.  Proper flow rates are crucial for achieving optimal heat transfer and maintaining consistent temperatures indoors.  Insufficient flow rate is one of the biggest reasons Airsource heat pumps go into an Error State.

4. Energy efficiency

By accurately measuring the flow rate of hot water this contributes to energy efficiency.  Flow meters enable the system to deliver the necessary heat to each heating zone without overworking the pump or Airsource heat pump and in turn, reducing energy consumption and operating costs


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