Importance of a Solar Thermal Flow Meter

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What is a Solar Thermal Flow Meter ?

A solar thermal flow meter measures the flow rate of the heat transfer fluid with your system.  Accurate flow measurement is essential for optimising efficiency, monitoring system performance and ensuring safe operation.   Flow meters help maintain optimal conditions for heat transfer, contributing to the overall effectiveness and reliability of solar thermal systems.

What happens if I don’t have a flow meter or you could not verify the flow at service?

If you do not have a flow meter or we could not read the flow meter due to the condition of your system we have most likely suggested your system is cleaned and the heat transfer fluid be changed.  As part and parcel of this quotation we would usually recommend that a new flow meter is installed.  

I have received a quote stating I need a new pump, why is this?

If you have received a quotation for a new pump as a separate line item, this will be because we couldn’t verify the accurate performance of your pump due to not being able to read your flow meter/lack of flow meter.  If this is the case you will only be charged for the replacement pump should it be deemed faulty once the other remedial works have been completed and flow verified. 




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