At Energie Solutions we offer a comprehensive air conditioning & HVAC service to residential customers.Our team are full trained and experienced in installing, servicing and repairs of all kinds of air con & HVAC units including from top brands such as Ecodan, Dimplex, Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic.

Our team are FGas Registered so fully accredited to maintain, service and install all equipment which uses F-Gases for consumption.

Did you know that maintenance on your HVAC system can save you money on bills, keeping the system at optimum efficiency? Inspecting fans, lubricant, cleaning filters and coils, checking refrigerant and locating any leaks is just a small part of our maintenance services. So, there is less chance of a breakdown and lower energy bills too.

If you are thinking of having air conditioning or a HVAC System installed at home our team will talk through your requirements on the phone and arrange a site visit at your convenience to go through what is involved, including the types of unit available, running costs, efficiency savings, installation procedure and how to get the best use from your new system. If you already have air conditioning or a basic HVAC system and would like to upgrade we can do that too!

Does your current system keep cutting out, not providing air as cool as when first installed, becoming more noisy when used? Does your HVAC system not heat or cool as quickly as it should? We can visit your location to assess the air conditioning or HVAC unit and advise the best solution for you.

Benefits of Air Conditioning and HVAC Systems at home:

  • It improves comfort levels at leisure.
  • Consistent temperatures can reduce the presence of insects and parasites.
  • A clean air conditioning system can reduce the activity of allergens such as pollen.
  • Comfortable temperature can help work productivity and concentration.
  • Less noise pollution from windows open in busy areas aiding sleep.
  • Heating and cooling ability providing cost effective savings all year round.


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