PROBLEM: Our client called us to say since moving into his new build house a little over 2 years ago his central heating system has never worked properly. The builder had refused to take responsibility for the heating and he didn't know where to turn. We visited his 6 bed property to discover that the developer had in fact installed a cheap air conditioning unit from Ebay instead of an appropriate ASHP. Further inspection revealed that the radiators upstairs were undersized to accommodate an ASHP. Using our thermal imaging camera we discovered the wet underfloor heating system through the ground floor of the property had also been installed incorrectly.

SOLUTION: We had no choice but to simply rip out the air-conditioning unit, cylinder for the hot water and radiators upstairs and rip up the underfloor heating system throughout the ground floor and start again. We used our expertise to design, supply and install a brand new heating and hot water system for our client. We installed suitably sized radiators upstairs and a Ecodan ASHP and 300L hot water cylinder for all of our clients heating and hot water needs. We designed, supplied and installed all replacement underfloor heating using one of our preferred suppliers, NU-HEAT. We also relaid tiles throughout his property and carried out all making good. Our client also had a large conservatory which needed to be heated in the winter months and cooled in the warmer months. Instead of relaying underfloor heating in this area, we instead installed a suitable Daikin air conditioning unit. This winter our client is looking forward to being warm rather than using expensive electric blow heaters and wearing woolly hats!

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Autumn 2018 - We have been busy!

Our talented engineers have been busy tackling a whole range of projects this autumn as seen below.  First we have the repair of a customers Thermal Solar System, then onto a repair for a Panasonic Air Source Heat Pump. Then a complete change of scene with a brand new electric car charge installation. Is there no end to our engineers talents!


Claudette Day of the renewable energy company Energie Solutions, based in Manningtree, explained that her employees spend much of their time either outside or in lofts. They are currently allowed, for the first time ever, to wear work shorts to help keep them cool. “Its somewhat unbearable, at the moment but we are striving through it. They have plenty of water with them and are asking customers to fill their bottles up - most customers are obliging anyway in making nice cool drinks for them.

 “The biggest problem is their vans. The air conditioning in most trade vans is rubbish and when you are sitting in traffic at a standstill they are baking hot. “Having said all this, it is still business as usual. Other countries have this kind of heat and just call it a normal working day. Being sensible is what it’s about.”

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