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The use of CCTV for home security has increased in recent years due to rising crime levels, in particular burglaries and also the range and cost of equipment has come down making purchasing a system much more affordable for many. In addition the use of wireless systems also known as WiFi systems has become more and more popular and the reason for this is easy to see. 


  • No unsightly wires susceptible to damage. 
  • No redecorating or expensive electrical work 
  • Most system are more compact than wired cameras Internet operated so accessible anywhere 
  • High end technology and security



How does Wireless CCTV work? 


These systems offer high quality images over your computer network. Images are turned into data, sent through the Internet allowing images to be viewed anywhere, when you are on holiday or at work for complete peace of mind.


Why get professional installation? 


Our team are able to design and install a complete system which will be positioned for maximum coverage, ensuring the correct heights and scope of the camera lense. There are rules and regulations around the use of cameras on your property which people do break by not knowing what is allowable, our technicians know what is permissible and what is not. We have also specifically chosen to supply and fit systems that are most aesthetically pleasing for you. 

Whether you require a fixed position camera or multiple camera system we have wireless CCTV set up to suit all budgets. Please give us a call today to discuss your requirements or to book a appointment for a no obligation quote. Find out the level of crime in your street by visiting

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