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I would just like to say thanks to you and Nigel for such prompt and quality work throughout this process. It has again been a pleasure dealing with you and your company.

Kind regards,

Mr D. McGrath (September 18)

We had a solar hot water system installed by a now defunct company in 2006. The system worked very well for about 12 years with very few problems. Then, this year, we ran into serious problems. The system failed completely; transfer fluid leaked into the cylinder cupboard, we could smell the fluid in rooms adjacent to the cupboard and, even though the pump was working, the fluid was not circulating, and we were getting no hot water. 

Nigel Day had to make several visits to diagnose our problems and solve them. The transfer fluid had become very contaminated and was well beyond it’s “best before” date, the whole system needed flushing out and the fluid needed replacing. He also changed the pump; it was still working enough well enough and had some life left but was getting noisy, so we felt it may as well be changed while we were having work done. He also found that the original installers had not fitted the drainage valves in a way that allowed the system to be drained properly and that a transfer fluid filter had been wrongly located. So, Nigel installed an additional drainage valve, replaced the filter in the correct place and had to deal with a lot of associated pipework in a position that was not easy to access. 

We would also like to say how helpful and understanding both Nigel, in the “field” and Claudette, back at “base”, were in supporting customers who were getting frustrated with problems that were more difficult to solve than we all would have hoped. We would recommend Energie Solutions to anyone who has problems with a solar hot water system.

Mr & Mrs Bebbington (20/7/18)

It was great to finally find a company who really understood our Mitsubishi ASHP and were able to both service them and sort out a long standing problem that several other companies had failed at. (July 2018)

Mr Paul Smith

" My new Vaillant boiler was fitted on 23rd March 2017 and I’m so glad to be warm at last. In the winter months I had been actually crying with the cold. All the staff that I met during the installation were pleasant and competent. Again I say; thank you all for a lovely new boiler."

 Resident of Lowestoft (fitted under a local Government sponsored Scheme)


"I can't thank you enough for all the work you've done for us - both planned and ad hoc! Everything has been finished to such a high standard and would highly recommend. Thanks especially to Stef."

 Mrs Milate, Colchester

"Energie Solutions installed a new boiler / heating system in my father's house in January 2017. We could not be happier with the results. Warm at last..! An energy efficient boiler and radiators installed with minimal disruption. All of the staff at Energie Solutions have been polite, helpful and efficient. All communication was answered quickly and thoroughly, liaising with all parties involved (a gas main was needed). I would totally recommend this company for any of your boiler/heating needs.... Keep up the good work.!"

Ms Bone, Ipswich 

Autumn 2018 - We have been busy!

Our talented engineers have been busy tackling a whole range of projects this autumn as seen below.  First we have the repair of a customers Thermal Solar System, then onto a repair for a Panasonic Air Source Heat Pump. Then a complete change of scene with a brand new electric car charge installation. Is there no end to our engineers talents!


Case Studies



PROBLEM: Our client called us to say since moving into his new build house a little over 2 years ago his central heating system has never worked properly. The builder had refused to take responsibility for the heating and he didn't know where to turn. We visited his 6 bed property to discover that the developer had in fact installed a cheap air conditioning unit from Ebay instead of an appropriate ASHP. Further inspection revealed that the radiators upstairs were undersized to accommodate an ASHP. Using our thermal imaging camera we discovered the wet underfloor heating system through the ground floor of the property had also been installed incorrectly. 



SOLUTION: We had no choice but to simply rip out the air-conditioning unit, cylinder for the hot water and radiators upstairs and rip up the underfloor heating system throughout the ground floor and start again. We used our expertise to design, supply and install a brand new heating and hot water system for our client. We installed suitably sized radiators upstairs and a Ecodan ASHP and 300L hot water cylinder for all of our clients heating and hot water needs. We designed, supplied and installed all replacement underfloor heating using one of our preferred suppliers, NU-HEAT. We also relaid tiles throughout his property and carried out all making good. Our client also had a large conservatory which needed to be heated in the winter months and cooled in the warmer months. Instead of relaying underfloor heating in this area, we instead installed a suitable Daikin air conditioning unit. This winter our client is looking forward to being warm rather than using expensive electric blow heaters and wearing woolly hats!




PROBLEM:Our client emailed us with building plans for an extension he was due to build. He wanted underfloor heating in his extension. He currently had oil for his heating and hot water solution but was fed up with the fluctuating prices and theft of oil and was looking for a more suitable, renewable solution.

SOLUTION: We designed, supplied and installed a new wet underfloor heating system using speedfit solution for our client along with the installation of a Mitisibishi Ecodan 14kw ASHP and 300L pre-plumbed cylinder. Our client will not only reduce his electricity bills, no longer has to look at an ugly oil tank he is now eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which should equate to approx. £5500 pay back within 7 years!


PROBLEM: We received a phone call over the Christmas break from a tenant who had a young family and no hot water or heating. On inspection we discovered that the boiler case seals were dissipated which resulted in the boiler being classed as immediately dangerous and needing to be switched off. On further inspection we discovered the cylinder also showed signs of distress and was not suitably lagged.

SOLUTION: We replaced both the boiler and cylinder with an A rated energy efficient boiler and left the customer with a fully functioning, Gas Safe registered heating and hot water system.


PROBLEM: We were called out to an address as client was experiencing issues with their immersion and low water pressure. On inspection we found that the cold water storage tank was directly above the cylinder which not allow sufficient gravitational flow to facilitate an adequate flow of hot water. SOLUTION: We replaced the system with a 125 
liter direct pressurized hot water cylinder.


PROBLEM: A building developer contacted us to install solar PV on two blocks of flats they were building on behalf of a housing association. For planning permission to be granted for the build, the developer needed to install some renewable technology.

SOLUTION: We designed, supplied and installed a 21kw flat roof solar PV array on both of the developments using a tub installation mounting kit and 250 Polycrystaline panels. Using our expertise the Solar PV development is now reliable for the Feed In Tariff (FIT) reducing the energy bills of the tenants and the housing association.

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