Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

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Service & Maintenance Plans

Just like gas boilers, all ASHP systems should be serviced annually to ensure you get the maximum performance from your ASHP throughout its working life. This is important not only to comply with the warranty conditions, but also to meet the demands of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, with the minimum requirement of an annual service. 

Energie Solutions have developed a range of service and maintenance plans to support most ASHP heating systems and give our customers affordable peace of mind. Two levels of cover are available to provide you with the absolute confidence that your heating system will be professionally maintained and, in the unlikely event of a fault, quickly repaired by our highly skilled engineers. 

Benefits of our Service & Maintenance Plans

1. Premium service levels

2. Ensures that the ASHP is operating at maximum efficiency

3. Offers complete reassurance

4. Ensures your system complies with RHI requirements.

Whats included in our annual ASHP Service:

 - Isolate the 'y' strainer, remove filter and clean

 - Check integrity of pipes and lagging

 - Check and clean magnetic particle filter (if fitted)

 - Inspect and clean outdoor unit

 - Check outdoor unit for visual oil leaks which may indicate a refrigerant leak

 - Check system pressure (if unvented) and adjust if necessary

 - Check and record glycol level

 - Check pressure relief valve is operating on the heat pump unit

 - Check the operation of 3 port valve

 - Check the operation of the room thermostat

 - Check all electrical connections including mains isolator

 - Check unit operation voltage and record

 - Flow rate (record)

 - Heat meter reading (if fitted)

 *G3 and F Gas regulation/requirements are not covered in the maintenance.

This service normally takes between 1 1/2 to 2 hours onsite. We service most manufacturers of ASHP including, but not limited to: 

Repair & Replacement

At Energie Solutions we have a fully qualified team to repair or replace faulty parts on most ASHP systems. Although very reliable sometimes ASHP systems do need fixing. We provide a callout service (in an emergency we try to arrange an appointment the same day) to assess the fault and advise on whether parts can be repaired or replaced.   

Not installed with Energie Solutions? 

Not a problem, Our service is available to any customer who has a domestic ASHP. Unfortunately the industry has fallen foul to many ‘cowboy’ installers claiming to be certified and approved installers of ASHP leaving many people without support for their system – if you are one of these people, have peace of mind that we are here to support you with your system maintenance and operational needs.   

For more information please call 01206 396901 or click to contact us.

ask us about our monthly service plan!

Breakdown cover to offer complete peace of mind.

Before we can include a system onto our Service plan we would need to carry out a pre-inspection to ensure that equipment is in good working order. This pre-inspection visit will include a full service.

If the pre-inspection proves the system to be in a satisfactory condition then it will be accepted onto our Service Plan.

Should any defect on the system be identified we will provide a quote to rectify the defect to make it eligible for our Service Plan.

Any call out is charged at £50 payable in advance but beyond that all labour charges and spare parts are provided within the cost of the premium paid. We will endeavour to respond to all call outs within 24 hours. Should a call out prove to be a user error we reserve the right to charge the appropriate labour rate for the time incurred.


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