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The use of Solar Thermal over recent years has increased dramatically with many seeing and then reaping the benefits of free solar power to heat water for the whole home. Solar Thermal systems are quite complex and at times things do breakdown and need repair.

Our team at Energie Solutions can attend emergency callouts or routine repairs covering all makes and models of solar thermal systems. In our experience there are a number of common problems that can occur throughout the whole system. These include:

  • Pumps not working, working intermittently, noisy or not working to capacity.
  • Re-gassing of the system to ensure efficiency
  • Low pressure issues
  • Leaks throughout the system
  • Repair of the control centre
  • Topping up of the antifreeze section of the system
  • Power flush required
  • Air Locks in any section of the systems
  • Corrosion in the immersion tank
  • Coil problems

Call our team today! We will ask what the fault seems to be and visit your property to assess the problem and advise the best course of action. We provide you with the options available to you and leave you to decide. We have a number of local suppliers for parts so can usually fix the problem with the minimum of delay so you get hot water on tap with no hassle.

Regular maintenance and servicing of your system is key to keeping it working to its optimum level. The same as your car or heating system, solar thermal servicing can locate issues before they become a big problem and ensure the system is clean, leak free, safe and efficient. Please enquire about our servicing and maintenance options.

For more information please call 01206 396901 or click to contact us.

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