Solar thermal hot water systems have been around for some time now. They are now a tried and tested technology, but to get the best out of your solar thermal system there are some key points to remember:

Regular Servicing:

Many owners tell us that they had no idea that solar thermal panels need servicing. Just like your car, servicing on a regular basis is essential. There are components within a system such as the pump and valves that must be kept in good working order. Regular servicing minimises your running costs and maximises the amount of renewable heat produced and of course maximises the life span of the system.

What does a service include?

As a general rule of thumb a standard solar thermal service should include a visual inspection of pipework, insulation, collectors and sensors, check of the systems hydraulic pressure, the level and quality of the systems antifreeze, check the flow rate, test of pressure relief valve amongst several other checks to ensure that the system is performing correctly.

Replacing solar thermal system fluid

One of the most important aspects of your solar thermal system is the heat transfer fluid. You will need to replace the fluid every 5 years to ensure that the pH and the antifreeze-protection levels are correct. Failure to do this can have serious costly consequences.  

How do I find a competent company to carry out this work?

There are plenty of companies advertising this service, but few who truly are trained professionals and carry out the work properly. A solar thermal service takes approximately one hour and typically costs £120 (plus VAT). The solar transfer fluid should NEVER simply be topped but the system should be flushed out, cleaned and then flushed with the new transfer fluid.

Energie Solutions have many satisfied Solar Thermal customers, many of which have signed up to our SOLAR THERMAL MAINTENANCE PLAN. For further information of this please call 01206 396901 or visit our website. 

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