A solar thermal pump is a crucial component of a solar thermal system.  It is responsible for circulating the heat transfer fluid through the systems solar thermal collectors (the tubes/panel on your roof), heat exchangers and cylinder.  The performance of the solar thermal system significantly depends on the proper functioning of your pump.

Common Causes of pump noise:

A noisy solar thermal pump can be a sign of various issues ranging from simple to complex.  Addressing the noise promptly can prevent further damage and ensure the efficient operation of your solar thermal system.  Some common issues we come across are:

1. Air in system

Air trapped in the system can cause banging or gurgling noises

2. Cavitation

This occurs when the pump is not receiving enough fluid causing vapor bubbles to form and collapse

3. Worn bearings

Over time, the bearings in the pump can wear out, causing grinding or squealing noises

4. Debris in pump

In some cases, Foreign objects or sediment can get into the pump and cause a noise

5. Electrical issues

Electrical problems such as a faulty motor or loose wiring can cause buzzing or humming noises


Regular maintenance of your solar thermal system, including the pump is key to preventing noise issues and ensuring the efficient operation.


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