What are Expansion Vessels and Why are they Important

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We have been servicing and repairing Airsource Heatpumps for 11 years now, we are in fact one of the original installation and servicing companies in East Anglia.  We are well versed in answering questions on the importance of certain fundamentally important issues with heat pumps… 

What is an expansion vessel?

An expansion vessel plays a crucial role in heating systems and domestic water supply. Its primary function is to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the liquid (usually water) due to changes in temperature and pressure.

What are the consequences of not replacing a failed expansion vessel?

In short, significant water damage to your property.

The primary function of an expansion vessel is to manage pressure fluctuations within the system. If the expansion vessel fails, the system may experience increased pressure during heating cycles. This can lead to overpressure, causing leaks, pipe bursts, or damage to other components like valves and radiators.

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