What are Isolation Valves and Why are they Important

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A common issue we find when servicing Airforce heat pumps is the lack of isolation valves on the central heating system.  

What are Isolation valves and why do I need them?

Generally speaking, isolator valves allow specific sections of a heating system to be isolated without affecting the entire system. 

Some ASHP units have a strainer filter located inside the unit which should be removed and cleaned on each service. Therefore it is advisable to have Isolator valves as close to the rear of the unit as possible to minimise the amount of heat transfer fluid (aka glygol, antifreeze) lost as part of this process.

More importantly…..

In an emergency situation or in the event of the unit being replaced ,having isolator valves as close to the rear of the unit as possible is also advantageous minimising downtime and making the process of not having to drain down the entire system!

So why were isolation valves not installed on my Airforce Heatpump at Installation Stage?

Honestly? We couldn’t say….. the most likely reason is the original installation company had no intention of carrying out any future servicing or maintenance work on your heatpump.  This is an unbelievably common issue we find almost every single day!

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